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System Flushing

Contamination in systems can be caused by water ingress, fluid degradation, installation of new or overhauled equipment or a major failure.

Fleury Engineering provides a high flow-rate flushing service for lubricant, fuel and hydraulic systems. Flushing the system removes sludge, debris and degraded fluid from pipes and tank walls, as well as other internal surfaces. Our purpose-built rigs are equipped with pumps that have a flow-rate several times that of the system’s normal flow, with directional valves and a bank of filters.

Our units can decontaminate up to 350 litres per minute and filter down to 3 micron particle size. The fluid is continuously sampled and analysed for contaminant levels during the process in order to determine the progress of cleaning. Using online particle counters, the cleanliness levels are recorded in real time to provide hard evidence of the standards achieved.

Fleury Engineering has a proven track record for delivering flushing projects ahead of schedule and specification during critical outages at power generation plants and in the marine industry.

Fuel Tank Cleaning

Once diesel leaves the refinery, it is subject to contamination at every point along the supply chain. Water and condensation, corrosion deposits, microbial growth and even the diesel itself can present problems over time.

We clean fuel and chemical tanks from 150 litres to 10,000 tonnes. Our highly experienced personnel use advanced equipment to ensure the tank is safely cleaned with the minimum of disruption. We have various solutions to remove water and sediment from oil, and oil from water. Whenever possible, we clean tanks using non-entry techniques; however where entry is required we only use personnel who are trained and experienced in confined space entry and the use of breathing apparatus.

By designing specialist in-house cleaning systems, we minimise the waste generated and time taken. Safety standards are also maximised by reducing manual tasks and confined space entry. Using automated washing systems, the danger of working at heights inside tanks has been eliminated.

Fuel Polishing

Maximum reliability only comes from maximum quality fuels. Water, sediment, and microbial contamination in fuels stored for a period of time are a common problem. Microbes can enter via filling inlets and vents, consuming the hydrocarbons present in the fuel and producing corrosive compounds. At low levels, these microbes may not present a problem, but past a certain level they are a detriment to fuel quality and harm rubber gaskets, O-rings, hoses, tank linings and coatings. This microbial contamination is often termed diesel bug.

Modern fuels are very vulnerable to water contamination. Low-sulphur fuels and biofuels retain greater quantities of water in suspension, and modern engines are very sensitive to water contamination. In order to meet increasingly stringent emissions and economy targets, fuel systems work at very high pressures. The internal components are built to very fine tolerances to deliver this pressure. Any water or debris in the fuel has a catastrophic effect. The need for clean fuels has never been greater and is only increasing.
Fleury Engineering is a pioneer in fuel filtration and cleaning in Ireland. We offer a technical cleaning process to remove water sediment and microbial contamination from oil and hydrocarbon fuel in storage. We designed and built our own mobile fuel and oil filtration rig and can tackle tanks of any size up to 10,000 tonnes. We can polish up to 20 tonnes per hour, with filters as fine as 1 micron to ensure your fuel is on spec after we have finished. All contaminants are removed and the process cleans the tank and its contents at the same time. We can also fit permanent onsite cleaning units.

When fuel is stored for more than a couple of months it will start to degrade. The fuel itself precipitates sludge called asphaltenes. This black tarry substance can block filters quickly. In standby generators, this fuel can be in storage for years. In order to ensure the reliability of generators to critical systems, many clients opt to get fuel polished to ensure it is fit for purpose. Often these clients will go further and fit permanent polishing systems to maintain the reliability of the system.

Turnkey Solutions

Fleury Engineering regularly designs and installs complete systems. This could be a polishing system for a small generator or a complete fuel tank farm and distribution system for a data centre or marina. By using the best expertise, the latest international design codes and superior 3D modelling, every Fleury Engineering design is efficient, safe and reliable.

The engineering disciplines provided include mechanical, electrical, automation and civil to ensure a fully integrated design.

Some clients wish to have one provider of the design and construction, and for these turnkey projects Fleury Engineering also fabricates and installs the complete system. This ensures a seamless service for the client and minimises the project duration.

Oil Analysis & Testing

For mission critical systems, full assurance of fuel or oil quality is crucial to avoid down-time, environmental impact and the cost of system failure. While visual inspection is an important tool for monitoring fuel quality, careful sampling and laboratory testing are essential to provide a full assessment.
Conformity to specification and contaminant levels can only be assessed through precise testing. Fleury Engineering ensures the correct sampling of fuels and provides a full and independent laboratory analysis via trusted expert partners. Where we provide fuel cleaning, system flushing or commissioning, we will always ensure that your quality requirements are met by sampling and testing.

Filtration Systems

Filter systems are mission critical in almost every industry, including transportation and mobile equipment, industrial and plant equipment, process industries, marine and power generation. Filtration is used to separate particles and fluid in a suspension, where the fluid is a liquid, a gas or a supercritical fluid.
Fleury Engineering specialises in the specification, design, supply, commissioning, decommissioning and maintenance of filter systems. This could be for diesel, petrol, biofuel, lubricants and oils, or to separate fuels and oils from water. We partner with leading manufacturers to bring you the best products available, such as Racor, CC Jensen and HydroCarbon Filtration. By combining the best products with our expertise and valued partnerships, Fleury Engineering can provide a filter for the smallest of systems on a diesel engine right up to an offline filtration system for a turbine.

Equipment Rental

When a client discovers unexpected contamination is a system, or needs to clean a new system, the answer is often a rental filter. Fleury Engineering has a fleet of filters, ranging in size from 45 litres per hour for small power packs up to 5,400 litres per hour for large industrial systems. All types of oil and diesel can be cleaned. Common reasons for such a rental requests might be to remove water and grit, or to achieve the manufacturer’s ISO or NAS cleanliness levels.

Using remote monitoring, these systems can run unattended. Environmental monitoring is built in to protect against leakage or over pressure. This ensures maximum safety and performance with minimised costs.